Harvard Journal on Racial & Ethnic Justice

Now Accepting Submissions for the 34th Edition (2017-2018)!

The Harvard Journal on Racial & Ethnic Justice (JREJ) accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Please send submissions to hjrejsubmissions@gmail.com.

Originally founded in 1983 as an internal publication of the Black Law Students Association, the Harvard Journal on Racial & Ethnic Justice (JREJ) (until 2009, the Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal) is an annual publication edited by students at Harvard Law School. JREJ is committed to publishing manuscripts that address social and economic issues affecting racial and ethnic minorities, as well as publishing innovative works by minority scholars and students. Through an interdisciplinary approach, we confront the law on issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality; we are pleased to have published leading articles by professors, judges, practitioners, and students.

Photo by Peter Pettus, 1965, via Library of Congress