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Volume | 2017-2018

Editorial Staff

Lin Wang

Managing Editor
Cam Clark

Articles Editors
Megan Lee
Kelly Ding
Aabid Allibhai
Karin Drucker

Executive Editors
Jacqueline Kang
Peter Lu
Jonathan Booth

Technical Editor
Marco Castanos

Online Editor
Vail Kohnert-Yount

Outreach Chair
Charmaine Archer

Symposium Chair
Alexandra Rawlings

Volume 28 | 2012

Storytelling and Political Resistance: Remembering Derrick Bell (with a story about tlton Trumbo)
Martha Minow

Separate, Unequal, and Seeking Support
Meera E. Deo

Derrick Bell: Godfather Provocateur
andre douglas pond cummings

 “Other Spaces” in Legal Pedagogy
Lolita Buckner Inniss

The Realism of Race in Judicial Decision Making: An Empirical Analysis of Plaintiffs’ Race and Judges’ Race
Pat K. Chew and Robert E. Kelley

Closing a Gap in Indian Country Justice: Oliphant, Lara, and the DOJ’s Proposed Fix
M. Brent Leonhard

Volume 27 | 2011

Racial Reconciliation in Mississippi: An Evaluation of the Proposal to Establish a Mississippi Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Patryk Labuda

The Griswold 9 and Student Activism for Faculty Diversity at Harvard Law School in the Early 1990s
Philip Lee

Respecting Language as Part of Ethnicity: Title VII and Language Discrimination at Work
Carlo A. Pedrioli

Death and Dixie: How the Courthouse Confederate Flag Influences Capital Cases in Louisiana
Cecelia Trenticosta and William C. Collins

12 Racist Men: Post-Verdict Evidence of Juror Bias
Jessica L. West

Volume 25 | 2009

Beyond the Final Frontier: A “Post-Racial” America?

Anniversary Forewords: The Role of the Journal, Then and Now

Letter from the Editor in Chief
Jay Adejumoke-Jagun Osha

From Dred Scott to Barack Obama: The Ebb and Flow of Race Jurisprudence
Charles J. Ogletree, Jr

Beyond Colorblindness: Neo-Racialism and the Future of Race and Law Scholarship
Ralph Richard Banks

The Obligations of Lawyers, the Legislature, and the Court

Science Fictions and Racial Fables: Navigating the Final Frontier of Genetic Interpretation
Christian B. Sundquist

Sex, Drugs, and . . . Race-to-Castrate: A Black Box Warning of Chemical Castration’s Potential Racial Side Effects
Marques P. Richeson

Ready, Aim, Fire? District of Columbia v. Heller and Communities of Color
Michael B. de Leeuw, Dale E. Ho, Jennifer K. Kim, and Daniel S. Kotler

The Responsibilities of Citizens

From the Ivory Tower to the Glass House: Access to “De- Identified” Public University Admission Records to Study Affirmative Action
Richard J. Peltz

Robert Steinbuch

Historic Injustice, Group Membership and Harm to Individuals: Defending Claims for Historic Justice from the Non-Identity Problem
Ori J. Herstein

Volume 24 | 2008

Kevin D. Brown

Lessons Learned from Comparing the Application of Constitutional Law and Federal Anti-Discrimination Law to African-Americans in the U.S. and Dalits in India in the Context of Higher Education (Article)
Kevin D. Brown and Vinay Sitapati

Race Across Borders: The U.S. and ICERD
Hadar Harris

The Right to the City
Ngai Pindell

The South African Constitution as a Role Model for the United States
Adrien Katherine Wing

Amanda K. Baumle, Mark Fossett, Warren Waren

My Isaac Royall Legacy
Janet Halley

“Together at the Table of Brotherhood”: Voluntary Student Assignment Plans and the Supreme Court
Craig R. Heeren

Constance Dionne Russell

Volume 23 | 2007


Katrina: Spiritual Medicine for Political Complacency and for Social Activists Who Are Sleepwalking
David Hall

On the Supreme Court

An Open Letter from Heaven to Justice Samuel Alito
Michael Higginbotham

A Renewed Call for Diversity Among Supreme Court Clerks: How a Diverse Body of Clerks Can Aid the High Court as an Institution
Christopher R. Benson

On the Ground

Irrational Basis: The Supreme Court, Inner Cities, and the New “Manifest Destiny”
Dean Allen Floyd II

Five Myths About Sprawl (Book Review)
Michael Lewyn

In School

Justifying Affirmative Action in K–12 Private Schools
Sharon Hsin-Yi Lee Editorial Staff

Volume 22 | 2006

Why Civil Rights Lawyers Should Study Tax
Stephen Cohen and Laura Sager

Confronting Racists at the Bar: Matthew Hale, Moral Character, and Regulating the Marketplace of Ideas
Jason O. Billy

The Consistency of Felon Disenfranchisement with Citizenship Theory
Jason Schall

A Tribute to Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.

Editorial Staff

Volume 21 | 2005


Grutter v. Bollinger, Clarence Thomas, Affirmative Action and the Treachery of Originalism: “The Sun Don’t Shine Here in This Part of Town”
andré douglas pond cummings

The Enigma of the Stigma: A Case Study on the Validity of the Stigma Arguments Made in Opposition to Affirmative Action Programs in Higher Education
Ashley M. Hibbett

Restructuring the Framework for Legal Analyses of Gay Parenting
Lauren Schwartzreich

Unmasking the Predatory Loan in Sheep’s Clothing: A Legislative Proposal
Debra Pogrund Stark

The Ghost of Wards Cove: The Supreme Court, the Bush Administration, and the Ideology Undermining Title VII
Amos N. Jones and D. Alexander Ewing

Volume 20 | 2004

50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

Excerpt from All Deliberate Speed: “The Significance of Brown” (see also footnotes)
Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.

Reparations Symposium

Norms, Law, and Reparations: The Case of the Ku Klux Klan in 1920s Oklahoma
Alfred L. Brophy

Documenting the Costs of Slavery, Segregation, and Contemporary Discrimination: Are Reparations in Order for African Americans?
Joe R. Feagin

Excerpt from Riot on Greenwood: The Oklahoma Commission To Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
Eddie Faye Gates

Representing the Race: Standing to Sue in Reparations Lawsuits
Eric J. Miller

Excerpt from All Deliberate Speed: “Addressing the Racial Divide: Reparations” (see also footnotes)
Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.


The Political Delinquent: Crime, Deviance, and Resistance in Black America
Trevor Gardner II

Transracial Adoption: The Pros and Cons and the Parents’ Perspective
Andrew Morrison

Editorial Staff

Volume 19 | 2003

Law and Education: Affirmative Action Under Attack

The Struggle for Access from Sweatt to Grutter: A History of African American, Latino, and American Indian Law School Admissions, 1950–2000
William C. Kidder

Integrating Elite Law Schools and the Legal Profession: A View from the Black Law Students Associations of Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Law Schools
Danielle C. Gray and Travis LeBlanc

Brief of the Harvard Black Law Students Association, Stanford Black Law Students Association, and Yale Black Law Students Association Supporting Respondents As Amici Curiae of the United States Supreme Court, Grutter v. Bollinger

Restoring Brown’s Promise of Equality After Alexander v. Sandoval: Why We Can’t Wait
Sam Spital

Criminal Law: Pursuing New Visions of Justice

Neither Intent nor Impact: A Critique of the Racially Based Selective Prosecution Jurisprudence and a Reform Proposal
Yoav Sapir

The Constructed Identities of Asian and African Americans: A Story of Two Races and the Criminal Justice System
Sheila Bedi

Book Review

Current Perspectives on Interracial Intimacies
Dana King

Editorial Staff

Volume 18 | 2002

Critical Race Theory: New Strategies for Civil Rights in the New Millennium?
Bernie D. Jones, Ph.D. candidate, History Department, University of Virginia

The Rhetoric of Resistance: Islamism, Modernity, and Globalization
Aliya Haider, J.D. candidate, Harvard Law School, 2003

The Reality of Political Prisoners in the United States: What September 11 Taught Us About Defending Them
J. Soffiyah Elijah, Harvard Law School

Dialogic Fidelity: The Fourteenth Amendment, Historical Meaning, and Appropriate Scrutiny for Sex Discrimination
Ben Glassman, J.D., Harvard Law School, 2000

“Sounding Black” in the Courtroom: Court-Sanctioned Racial Stereotyping
Lis Wiehl, University of Washington School of Law

A Discovery of Sorts: Reexaming the Origins of the Federal Indian Housing Obligation
Virginia Davis, J.D., Harvard Law School, 2002

Editorial Staff

Volume 17 | 2001

In Memoriam: David A. Charny

In Memoriam
Peter J. Keith

In Memoriam
Sharon Dolovich

Interactions at Work: Remembering David Charny
Devon W. Carbado and Mitu Gulati

Symposium: Border People and Antidiscrimination Law

R. Richard Banks

American Mixed Race: The U.S. 2000 Census and Related Issues
Naomi Zack

The Mixed Promise of Multiracialism
Rachel F. Moran

Interracial Intimacies: Sex, Marriage, Identity, Adoption
Randall Kennedy

Boundaries of the Racial State: Two Faces of Racist Exclusion in United States Law
Kim Benita Furumoto and David Theo Goldberg

Reconsidering Epistemology and Ontology in Status Identity Discourse: Make-Believe and Reality in Race, Sex, and Sexual Orientation
Zachary Potter and C. J. Summers

The Reconstitution of Customary Law in South Africa: Method and Discourse
Jill Zimmerman

Volume 16 | 2000

In Memoriam: A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr.

  • Remembering Leon
    Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University
  • A Man for All Seasons
    F. Michael Higginbotham, University of Baltimore School of Law
  • The Complicated Ingredients of Wisdom and Leadership
    Michael A. Fitts, University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Keeping Thurgood Marshall’s Promise-A Venerable Voice for Equal Justice
    Clifford Scott Green, Senior Judge, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
    Stephanie L. Franklin-Suber, Chief of Staff to the Honorable John F. Street


  • The Chinese American Challenge to Court-Mandated Quotas in San Francisco’s Public Schools: Notes from a (Partisan) Participant-Observer
  • David I. Levine, University of California, Hastings College of the Law
  • Life After Bakke Where Whites and Blacks Agree: Public Support for Fairness in Educational Opportunities
  • Carol M. Swain, Vanderbilt University Law School
  • Robert R. Rodgers, Ph.D. candidate, Politics Department, Princeton University
  • Bernard W. Silverman, University of Bristol


  • Resisting Essentialism and Hierarchy: A Critique of Work/Family Strategies for Women Lawyers
    Nancy E. Dowd, University of Florida Levin College of Law
  • DNA and the Slave-Descendant Nexus: A Theoretical Challenge to Traditional Notions of Heirship Jurisprudence
    Helen B. Jenkins, South Texas College of Law

Book Review

  • The Hate Within Ourselves: Criminal Law’s Attempt to Overcome Bias
  • Sarah Vincent, J.D. Harvard Law School 2000 (reviewing Punishing Hate by F.M. Lawrence)

Volume 15 | 1999

In Memoriam: Spottswood W. Robinson, III

  • Stephen L. Carter
  • Carol Chomsky
  • Chief Judge Harry T. Edwards
  • Oliver W. Hill
  • Judge Patricia M. Wald
  • Judge Abner J. Mikva

Articles: The Categories of Difference

  • Foreword: Categorical Exclusivity
    Ben Glassman
  • Implementing Antiessentialism: How Gender Wars Turn into Race and Class Conflict
    Joan Williams
  • Back to the Future: Forrest Gump and The Birth of a Nation
    Ruth Elizabeth Burks
  • The Demise of the Ongwehoweh and the Rise of the Native Americans: Redressing the Genocidal Act of Forcing American Citizenship upon Indigenous Peoples
    Robert B. Porter


  • Three Paths to Justice: New Approaches to Minority-Instituted Tobacco Litigation
    Danny David

Book Review

  • Roberts vs. Texaco: A True Story of Race and Corporate America by Bari-Ellen Roberts with Jack E. White
    Reviewed by Angela Onwuachi-Willig