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The Harvard Journal on Racial & Ethnic Justice welcomes the submission of articles on the history, politics, economics, or theory behind race in law enforcement and the criminal justice system and the diverse ways in which it defines the lived experience of people of color.

About Us

Originally founded in 1983 by the Black Law Students Association, the Harvard Journal on Racial & Ethnic Justice is an annual publication edited by students at Harvard Law School.


JREJ is committed to publishing manuscripts that address social and economic issues affecting racial and ethnic minorities as well as innovative works by minority scholars and students.


JREJ invites Harvard Law students and our community beyond Harvard Law  to join us for events on issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality, including our annual symposium.

Support innovative legal scholarship on racial and ethnic justice.


Latest from JREJ

Still Separate, Still Unequal

The Harvard Journal of Racial and Ethnic Justice (JREJ) recently published its first online volume. It consists of material first presented at JREJ’s Spring 2014 Symposium: “40 Years After Milliken: Remedying Racial Disparities in a ‘Post-Racial Society.’”  The 1974...

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